New Furniture Arriving

We are almost there – thanks for your continued patience!

 New furniture for the 358 additional study spaces will start to arrive next week – please see below for details.

 Tuesday 13th September – 2nd & 4th Floors

Thursday 15th September – Lower Ground Floor

Tuesday 20th September – 1st & 3rd Floors

 Whilst every attempt will be taken to avoid the minimum of disruption to users as the new furniture is assembled there will be an element of unavoidable noise as these works get carried out.

 The installation of the new desk top power modules will be installed quickly after the new study desks have been assembled, the desktop power will enable you to charge your devices via a plug or a USB port. These works will be carried out in the evening as there will be an element of drilling work involved.  As with previous works, barriers will be put in place to alert users of the areas where the contractors will be working in.  

 Tuesday 13th , Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th September – 2nd & 4th Floors

Monday 19th September – Lower Ground Floor

Tuesday 20th &  Wednesday 21st September –   1st & 3rd Floor




Evening Floor Closures

As part of the ongoing electrical enabling works to accommodate the new study desks as part of the library refurbishment works, our contractors have scheduled a series of essential power shut downs from Monday 5th September 2016. The shut downs will be taking place from 21:00 to minimise disruption to library users.  On these dates, the following floors will be closed to both staff and library users whilst the works are being carried out:

Mon 5th September: 4th and 3rd floors closed from 21:00 (to 06:00 Tues 6th)

Tues 6th September: 2nd floor closed from 21:00 (to 06:00 Weds 7th)

Weds 7th September: 1st floor and Lower Ground Floor closed from 21:00 (to 06:00 Thurs 8th)

There will be no access to the closed floors from 21:00 until the library opens the following morning. Please be advised to collect items in advance of or after the dates and times above. Staff have been advised of any preparation required in advance of the power shut downs.

Apologies for the disruption caused – thank you for your patience while work is underway.