New Main Library Study Spaces Project

There will be some construction work in the Main Library during summer 2016. This blog will be used to help you know what is happening, when it will happen and why.

Why are these changes being made?

The Main Library building is a hugely popular building for University students, staff and visitors. More than 2 million people visit the Main Library each year. Users have reported they would like more study spaces and the Main Library Study Spaces project will provide a variety of new spaces.

What changes are being made to the Main Library building?

Lower ground floor. A new study area will open in the lower ground floor of the library creating 188 additional spaces. The study area will include seven bookable group rooms (a mixture of 4 and 8 people capacity). There will be some desks with PCs and some desks for people who prefer to bring their own device. This space will also have printing facilities and will be a quiet study area.

Floor 1. A small number of additional study desks (38) will be added in two areas.

Floors 2, 3 and 4. Some of the Library collections are being compressed and shelving bays will be removed to release space for 132 additional study spaces spread across three floors.

When will the construction work happen?

Area of the building Preparation Construction works Complete Additional study spaces
Floor 4 Complete 4/7/16 – 29/7/16 1/8/16 24
Floor 3 1/6/16 – 12/7/16 18/7/16 – 12/8/16 15/8/16 56
Floor 2 1/6/16 – 25/7/16 25/7/16 – 21/8/16 22/8/16 52
Floor 1 None 1/8/16 – 2/9/16 5/9/16 38
Ground None None
Lower ground July 2016 1/8/16 – 2/9/16 5/9/16 188