Digital Library Team’s 12 highlights for Christmas

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It has been a very busy year in the Digital Library teams with lots happening both with new projects and changes to existing services.

Here is a run down of some of the highlights of 2017:

1. One new responsive DiscoverEd user interface. New look and feel for DiscoverEd blog post.
2. Two new websites for the refurbished St Cecilia’s Hall, Musical Instrument’s Museum and Concert Hall and

Installation of musical instruments at St Cecilia’s Hall

3. 46,000 images are now online at  all are available via IIIF.
4. Theses digitisation has been continuing with 1.6 million images produced and 8,783 digitised theses loaded into ERA PhD Digitisation Blog.
The Anti-German Union pamphlet found in a 1916’s thesis

The Anti-German Union pamphlet found in a 1916’s thesis

5. The Royal Observatory was migrated from Voyager to the University of Edinburgh’s ALMA and Primo instances
6. 72 metres of the Mahabharata scroll have been photographed, come back next year to see them all. Challenge of photographing the Mahabharata blog post.
Section of the Mahabharata Scroll

Section of the Mahabharata Scroll

7. The UCreate Studio team has joined the Digital Library section and has delivered over 150 workshops and 200 inductions 
8. 3 libraries are now available on the LibraryMaps site through DiscoverEd
Library Map of Main Library

Library Map of Main Library

9. 14 attendees from across Europe joined Library and University Collections’ Knowledge Exchange Week, you can sign up for next year’s here: Knowledge Exchange Week 2018
10. EResource issue highlighting is now available through DiscoverEd.
11. Scottish Session Papers project has moved to a second stage with approximately 13,000 digitised pages and OCR processing of text, using the School of Informatics Geoparser, after image cropping.
Volumes of Session Papers in the Signet Library, Edinburgh

Volumes of Session Papers in the Signet Library, Edinburgh

12. 9 interns and many volunteers have been working within the Digital Library teams, for example one summer intern helped develop the Metadata Games (EASE login required)
13. For a baker’s dozen, 9 new iconic items are now digitised, including the Indian Primer.
The Indian Primer

The Indian Primer is a tiny book containing Christian instruction, mainly in the native American Algonquian language

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

From the Digital Library

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