The New College Library Strong Room revisited

Posted on May 20, 2014 | in Collections | by

A guest post from our Museums Studies student volunteers, Charlotte Johnson and Liz Louis.



Back in December we wrote a blog post on the beginning of our journey working with the collection of New College and Free Kirk related objects in the New College strong room. Five months later we are almost at the end of our journey and we still feel as lucky as we did then to have been given the opportunity to work with such an interesting and varied collection. Much hard work has gone into researching the fascinating pasts of these objects, working out who owned them and how they came to live here at New College. Time and care has also been given to cleaning the objects and properly storing them so that their survival into the future is guaranteed; some of the objects are of great importance or extremely fragile and needed to be protected from deterioration. We hope now that our project is complete our work means the collection can be properly documented and will be accessible to those that are interesting in using it for research purposes, as it is a fantastic source on the history of New College and the Free Kirk.



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