South Asianist celebrates a century of Indian Cinema

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The fifth issue of The South Asianist celebrates a century of India cinema with an impressive range of articles, interviews and film reviews.

Senior Indian film-music critic, writer and commentator, Rajiv Vijayakar provides a valuable overview to ‘the role of a song in a Hindi film’ alongside a who’s who of eight decades of Hindi film music.

Founder editor of Stardust and pioneer of film journalism in India, Nari Hira, shares the inside drama behind some of the biggest Bollywood scoops of all time.

While Rajani Krishnakumar, investigates how the nature of the clothing of a heroine and its attributes contribute to the marriage-worthiness of a Tamil woman, using examples from a century of Tamil cinema.

There is also a candid interview with Sai Paranjpye, ‘Queen of humour’ and Ram Mohan, the forgotten ‘father of Indian animation’.

SA issue 3

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