The Royal Medical Society publishes new issue

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Res Medica, the Journal of the Royal Medical Society, founded in 1957 has published its first new issue online using the Library’s Journal Hosting Service.

The first new issue features original research (Medical Student Dress code), Clinical review articles, Case reports and Historical articles (Dissection: A Fate worse than Death? Deadly Décor: A Short History of Arsenic Poisoning in the Nineteenth Century).

The Library has also digitised all the back issues of Res Medica. Volumes 1-5 (1957-67) are available in the archives section. The remaining back issues will be made available over the next few months.

All articles, current and historic, have been allocated a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) the first time the Library has made use of its very own DOI prefix.

The new issue and the archives are available via the journal’s site:

If you would like to find out more about using the journal hosting service  to publish a new OA peer -reviewed journal or migrate a journal from print to online, please get in touch

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