Dancing Drosophila!

Waddington photograph album: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/5/7

Waddington photograph album: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/5/7

As this will be our last blog post of the year, we thought we’d post something suitably silly to get you in the Christmas spirit! These photographs of a ‘Drosophila ballet’ involving staff at the Institute of Animal Genetics were included in a photograph album presented to C.H Waddington at his 50th birthday celebrations in 1955.

As someone who worked closely with the fruit fly Drosophila (used frequently in genetics experiments), Waddington would no doubt have appeciated the ‘ballet’, which appears to involve various strains of the fly being pursued by a ‘researcher’. It obviously wasn’t all serious lab work at the Institute…

Festive greetings to everyone, and we’ll see you in 2013!

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