Immunogenetics, Animals and the Genetics of Health

Based on the amount of papers I’ve found collected in the bound  off-print series from the Animal Breeding Research Organisation (ABRO) various aspects of animal health, diseases and genetics were just as important to research as livestock improvement and animal breeding. Many of the articles I’m cataloguing focus on immunogenetics, animal blood groups, diseases, such as scrapie, and transfer of immunoglobulins from mothers to their offspring. 

Additionally, they also researched and wrote about animal blood groups, connections between disease and heredity and immunity.  Again, there were some wonderful illustrations amongst the papers!

2 thoughts on “Immunogenetics, Animals and the Genetics of Health

  1. Hi, I am currently doing research for a university presentation ‘Immunogenetics: a tool to improve animal health?’ and was wondering if any of the articles you mentioned above could help me.

    Thank you in advance


    • Hi Akera, Apologies for the delay in replying – if you’d like to see any of the articles mentioned you can consult them in our reading room at the Centre for Research Collections, Edinburgh University Library, or else you may be able to find some of them online, or physically in other libraries. Many thanks for your interest, Clare

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