Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Well, while that may be a question open to debate in another forum, science fiction became fact when Roslin Institute geneticists ‘dreamt’ of cloned sheep and created ‘Dolly’ in 1996. As the Rare Books Cataloguer for the Towards Dolly project, I’m  currently cataloguing and enhancing records of ‘off-prints’, or articles, that the scientists wrote and collected in bound volumes (and some loose!) from the Animal Breeding Research Organisation (ABRO) beginning in 1947 up to the Roslin Institute in 2007 before continuing on to the book collection and glass plate slides. It’s evident from the variety of research articles in these volumes that these scientists were interested in more than just sheep! Many of these off-print article discuss ideas from breeding issues and genetic abnormalities to ways to improve the meat quality of bacon and wool growth for the textile industry. This material provides a fascinating insight into the development of genetics research over the years and I look forward to finding out how it all progresses!Image

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