SSSA in 70 Objects

We would like to invite you to write a response to anything related to SSSA, our history, or collections.

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This year is the 70th Anniversary since The School of Scottish Studies was founded, and we would like to invite you to write a short blog post which features a response to any ‘object’ from our archive collections. ‘Object’ is being used loosely to include sound, image, film, manuscript, books, or any item that you can associate with the School of Scottish Studies or our archives.

Your response to this item can take any form: a short reminiscence, a drawing, a poem, or a brief treatise. Alternatively, your response could be photographic, audio, video – perhaps a song; a tune; a monologue; a piece to camera; an interview, a dance – or even a collage!

The sky is the limit in terms of creativity, but the word count should be about 500 words and any recordings can be up to 5 minutes.

For examples of how to set out a blog you can see other posts here:

It may be that you have something in mind already, but if you need some inspiration then have a look at our collection of recordings on Tobar an Dualchais (filter search to material from School of Scottish Studies). You can also find images from our photographic collection on and there is a wider selection on SCRAN.

a black and white image of St Kilda, there are many stone built cleits with turf roofs.

Robert Atkinson Collection: Cleits, St Kilda August 1938
© The School of Scottish Studies Archives


Material may need to be subject to copyright checks, but we will be able to assist with this.  You can submit your ideas and responses to

Don’t forget to include the link to the material on Tobar an Dualchais, or the catalogue reference and credit the contributor, fieldworker, or photographer.

Get in touch with us, if you would like to discuss this further.