New books in the Library for Social and Political Science

Thanks to recommendations from members of staff and requests via RAB from students the Library is continually adding new books to its collections both online and in print. Here are just a (very) small number of the books that have been added to the Library’s collections in semester two, 2018/19 for the School of Social and Political Science and these demonstrate the wide range of subjects being taught, studied and researched within School.

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Heart: a history by Sandeep Jauhar (shelfmark: QP111.4 Jau.)

Heineken in Africa: a multinational unleashed by Olivier van Beemen ; translated by Bram Posthumus (HD9397.N44 Bee.)

Tangled diagnoses: prenatal testing, women, and risk by Ilana Löwy (e-book).

Pervasive punishment: making sense of mass supervision by Fergus McNeill (shelfmark: HV7419 Macn. Also available as e-book).

Can we all be feminists?: seventeen writers on intersectionality, identity, and finding the right way forward for feminism edited by June Eric-Udorie (shelfmark: HQ1221 Can.)

Energy and geopolitics by Per Högselius (e-book).

Reclaiming Afrikan: queer perspectives on sexual and gender identities curated by Zethu Matebeni (shelfmark: HQ75.16.A35 Rec.)

Drugs on the dark net: how cryptomarkets are transforming the global trade in illicit drugs by James Martin (shelfmark: HV5801 Mar. Also available as e-book).

The Rosa Luxemburg reader edited by Peter Hudis and Kevin B. Anderson (shelfmark: HX273 Lux.)

Creatures of Cain: the hunt for human nature in Cold War America by Erika Lorraine Milam (e-book).

Taming time, timing death: social technologies and ritual edited by Dorthe Refslund Christensen and Rane Willerslev (shelfmark: HQ1073 Tam.)

Life’s values: pleasure, happiness, well-being, and meaning by Alan H. Goldman (e-book).

Making music, making society edited by Josep Martí and Sara Revilla (e-book).

Complex battlespaces: the law of armed conflict and the dynamics of modern warfare edited by Winston S. Williams and Christopher M. Ford (shelfmark: KZ6385 Com. Also available as e-book).

The class ceiling: why it pays to be privileged by Sam Friedman and Daniel Laurison (shelfmark: HD4903.5.G7 Fri. Also available as e-book).

Boundary crossing in policy and public management: tackling the critical challenges edited by Luke Craven, Helen Dickinson, and Gemma Carey (e-book).

From Bitcoin to Burning Man and beyond: the quest for identity and autonomy in a digital society edited by John H. Clippinger and David Bollier (shelfmark: T14.5 Fro.)

Makers of India’s foreign policy: Raja Ram Mohun Roy to Yashwant Sinha by J.N. Dixit (shelfmark: DS448 Dix.)

Feminist disability studies by Kim Q. Hall (e-book).

Security blurs: the politics of plural security provision edited by Tessa Diphoorn and Erella Grassiani (e-book).

Myanmar’s enemy within: Buddhist violence and the making of a Muslim ‘other’ by Francis Wade (e-book).

Communication and persuasion: central and peripheral routes to attitude change by Richard E. Petty and John T. Cacioppo (shelfmark: BF637.P4 Pet. Also available as e-book).

Rape and resistance: understanding the complexities of sexual violation by Linda Martín Alcoff (e-book).

Why nationalism by Yael Tamir (shelfmark: JC311 Tam. Also available as e-book).

The commons and a new global governance edited by Samuel Cogolati and Jan Wouters (e-book).

The true story of David Munyakei: Goldenberg whistleblower by Billy Kahora (shelfmark: JQ2947.A56 Kah.)

Resisting neoliberalism in higher education, volume I: seeing through the cracks edited by Dorothy Bottrell and Catherine Manathunga (e-book).

Resisting neoliberalism in higher education, volume II: prising open the cracks edited by Dorothy Bottrell and Catherine Manathunga (e-book).

You can find all of these books and the many more that are available for supporting teaching, learning and research in Social and Political Science via DiscoverEd.
E-books are only available to current students and staff at the University of Edinburgh.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for School of Social and Political Science

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