New books for Social and Political Science: May-June 2015

Thanks to recommendations from members of staff and requests via RAB from students the Library is continually adding new books to its collections both online and in print. Here are just a small number of the books that have been added to the Library’s collections in May and June 2015 for Social and Political Science and these demonstrate the wide range of subjects being studied and researched within School.

government_next_door_book_coverThe government next door: neighborhood politics in urban China by Luigi Tomba (shelfmark: HT147.C48 Tom.)

George Padmore and decolonization from below: pan-Africanism, the Cold War, and the end of empire by Leslie James (shelfmark: DT30 Jam. Also available as e-book.)

The self by Constantine Sedikides and Steven Spencer (e-book).

Land and Desire in Early Zionism by Boaz Neumann (shelfmark: DS149 Neu. Also available as e-book.)

why_things_matter_book_coverWhy things matter to people: social science, values and ethical life by Andrew Sayer (shelfmark: HM681 Say.)

Writing culture and the life of anthropology by Orin Starn (e-book).

Refashioning secularisms in France and Turkey: the case of the headscarf ban by Amélie Barras (shelfmark: KJC5156 Bar.)

Mixed methods social networks research design and applications by Silvia Domínguez and Betina Hollstein (e-book).

urban_politics_climate_change_book_coverThe spirit of the laws in Mozambique by Juan Obarrio (shelfmark: DT3389 Oba.)

An urban politics of climate change: experimentation and the governing of socio-technical transitions by Harriet Bulkeley (shelfmark: HT241 Bul. Also available as e-book.)

Palestine and the Gulf States: the presence at the table by Rosemarie Said Zahlan (e-book).

Local government in the United Kingdom (5th edition) by David J. Wilson (shelfmark: JS3111 Wil.)


Check DiscoverEd for full details of the books including number of copies, location and availability. Access to e-books is only available to students and staff of University of Edinburgh.

You may find some of these books in the New Books display on the 1st floor of the Main Library, where a selection of new books from all subjects across the University are held. Books on these display shelves can be borrowed as normal.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for Social and Political Science.



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