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This summer the Library is launching a new Discovery service which will combine the functionality of the Library Catalogue and Searcher into one single search tool that will help you to easily discover the resources you need for your study and research.

The Library will be using Primo for the new discovery service but “Primo” is just the product name. We would like you to help name the service for our Library. If your suggested name is chosen then you will win £50 worth of book tokens. The competition is open to all staff and students of the University. Entries must be received by 5pm (GMT) on Friday 20th February 2015.

For more information on the competition and how to enter see:
What’s in a name? Help us decide.

Why change?

The current Library Catalogue has been in place for 16 years now and a replacement is required. The new state-of-the-art Discovery service allows the Library to mix some of the best features and functions from the Library Catalogue and Searcher, while allowing the Library the possibility to create new and better services and features for you.

A Library Discovery blog has been created so students and staff can keep up to date with what is happening during this project. You can find out more about the Discovery service, why this change is happening and what benefits there are for you on the blog.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for Social and Political Science

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