Love books? Get involved in Book Week Scotland 2014

book-week-scotland-logoI love books. I love reading. I love bookshops. And I love libraries (slight bias there as I am a Librarian after all). So Book Week Scotland is a perfect opportunity to remember why I became a librarian in the first place – I love books and I love reading and I want to share that with other people.

So if, like me, you love books, you love reading or you love libraries then why not take a quick break from your studies before exams start and get involved in Book Week Scotland, this week:

You can attend one of the many events being held around Scotland this week:

Why not visit the “Book Marks” event at Edinburgh College of Art tomorrow (27 Nov, 16:00 – 20:00). A “festival of books which celebrates the huge variety of ways the book form is used by staff, students and alumni at Edinburgh College of Art.”

Write a Love Letter to a Library. What Library has had a big impact on your life? Or what Library could you not live without? For me it was the small public library in the town I grew up in. In a time before Amazon (I know, I’m old) and with no local book shop the library was my dealer of books.

Find your Literary Love Match. I got Sirius Black from the Harry Potter books and I think I am OK with that.

Or vote for your Favourite Character from a Scottish book. Choose from the long list provided or add your own. Why not have a look at the choices of some of the staff from the Main Library Helpdesk if you are not sure who to vote for.
boy-with-bronze-axe_cover (I voted for Kali from the fantastic Boy with the Bronze Axe but hard to choose just one!)

Why not make a Reading Pledge for Book Week Scotland? Take time out from your studying to read a book or use your local library or buy a book from a local bookshop.

And don’t forget your own University Library. Why not visit one of the University’s libraries that you’ve never been to before ( Or find out more about the Library’s old books and archives at the Centre for Research Collections (CRC)?

For more information on Book Week Scotland see their website at or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for Social and Political Science

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