Ladies in the Lords: Chrystal Macmillan Lecture Oct 2014

On Thursday 30th October the Lord Speaker Baroness D’Souza will deliver the Chrystal Macmillan Lecture on the topic of Ladies in the Lords: Women’s Representation in Political Life.

house_of_lordsToday there are 189 women in the House but it is only since the 1958 Life Peerages Act that women (as well as those without an inherited title) were allowed to sit in the House of Lords.

We’ve put together just a short reading list of journal articles available online through the University Library that allow you to read about and around this particular topic. So if you are unable to attend the Lecture or just wish to find out a bit more then read on. Access only available to University of Edinburgh students and staff unless otherwise noted.

Eason, C. (2009) ‘Women Peers and political appointment: Has the House of Lords been feminised since 1999?’, Parliamentary Affairs, 62(3), pp.399-417.

House of Lords Library. Women in the House of Lords. 3rd March 2014. LLN 2014/008 (available freely online).

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Takayanagi, M. (2008) ‘A changing House: The Life Peerages Act 1958’, Parliamentary History, 27(3), pp.380-392.

Search for more articles on this subject area in Databases for Politics or Searcher. Or have a look at the Parliamentary Archives page on House of Lords reform c1920 – 1999 (available freely online).

More information about the lecture and how to book can be found at:

The lecture will be followed by an ‘In Conversation With’ session including the Lord Speaker and Baroness Annabel Goldie who was the Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party from 2005 until 2011. In 2013, Baroness Goldie became a life peer in the House of Lords. The session will be chaired by Professor Fiona MacKay, Dean and Head of School of Social and Political Science.

Caroline Stirling – Academic Support Librarian for Social and Political Science

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