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Need to access online newspapers? Looking for current news or hoping to find historic newspapers?

Newspapers can be a valuable tool for researching historic events, finding current information about international, national and local events, tracing a story back and finding editorials, commentaries, expert or popular opinions.

University of Edinburgh Library subscribes to a number of databases and online news sources that allow you to search through newspaper archives, both current and historic, easily and quickly.

A full list of these resources and how to access them can be found at Newspapers databases list but here are just a few examples:

Current news sources

International business, financial and news information from 35,000 sources in 26 languages from nearly 200 countries. As well as providing full-text access to a large number of UK newspapers it also provides full-text access to a significant range of international newspapers and news sources.

Lexis Library
Primarily a major law database this also includes full-text access to the vast majority of UK broadsheet and tabloid newspapers and a large number of local papers. To search newspapers once you access the database click on the “News” link in top menu.

Nexis UK
Access to over 23,000 UK and international news and business sources, financial and market reports, biographical data and thousands of legal and regulatory services. Like Factiva this is a very good resource for getting full-text access to international newspapers and news sources.

Historical news sources

This is a cross-search facility for newspaper archives from Gale. This enables the simultaneous searching of over 400 years of primary historical sources including: 17th-18th Century Burney Collection; 19th Century British Library Newspapers; 19th Century UK Periodicals; Times Digital Archive; Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive.

UKpressonline2UK Press Online
Database includes 2 million pages of 19th and 20th century British popular newspapers, from 1835 to current. Titles include: Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Church Times, The Watchman, Daily Worker, Morning Star.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers
Includes the Scotsman Archive (1817-1950), Guardian and Observer Archive (1791-2003), New York Times Archive (1851-2009), Washington Post Archive (1877-1994), Times of India Archive (1838-2003) and Chinese Newspaper Collections (1832-1953). In the Newspapers database list look for the newspaper title to access e.g. Guardian and Observer Archive or Chinese Newspaper Collections rather than ProQuest Historical Newspapers.

These are just a few examples of the online newspaper databases and resources that the Library has access to. You can find a full list with links to access on the Newspapers database list.

More information about searching newspaper content can be found at How to find newspaper content, including information on the paper copies and microfilm copies of newspapers that the Library holds.

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