Have you heard of BoB?

It’s a bit like BBC iPlayer but can offer you much, much more.


BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National is an online off-air recording and media archive service for UK higher and further education institutions. The University of Edinburgh subscribes to BoB so all staff and students at the University can get access to this fantastic service when working anywhere on the UK mainland.

BoB makes the finding and use of important TV and radio content for education simple and instant. It allows you to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels, including over 10 foreign language channels. Recorded programmes are kept indefinitely and added to a media archive, with content shared by users across all subscribing institutions.

With BoB you can:

  • Record and catch-up on missed programmes on and off-campus.
  • Schedule recordings up to seven days in advance.
  • Edit programmes into clips.
  • Embed clips into VLEs.
  • Search the database for content that other users have recorded (over 1 million programmes currently available).
  • Request programmes from the BBC Archive dating back to June 2007.
  • Manage off-air recordings in your own playlists, which can be shared with others.
  • Access the website both on and off campus, limited to UK mainland only.

For more information on the service and how to access and use it see Box of Broadcasts (BoB).

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