Luther’s Werke (Weimarer Ausgabe)

martin-lutherMartin Luther (1483-1546) is a central figure in the development of European culture, not only as a result of his religious influence but also for his contribution to the establishment of the High German language.

The Library now has trial access – until the end of November – to Luthers Werke (Weimarer Ausgabe). 

An essential resource for scholars of German language and literature as well as for theologians, historians, and philosophers, Luthers Werke (Weimarer Ausgabe) contains the complete collection of Martin Luther’s writings – Bible translations, sermons, letters, Tischreden, poems and hymns.

Luther’s Werke is presented on the ProQuest platform, with which many of you will be familiar, and may be accessed, in both English and German, via our e-resources trials page (where your feedback may also be left) and here.



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