Oxford Scholarly Editions Online: 18th century prose

We now have access to the 18th century prose module of the splendid Oxford OSEO booksScholarly Editions Online (OSEO), which  provides full-text access to several hundred authoritative Oxford editions of major English works from  the humanities written between 1485 and 1830, and has a wide-ranging subject coverage that includes philosophy and linguistics.

The recently acquired 18th century prose module of OSEO provides access to the correspondence and prose works of some key figures from the eighteenth century, including Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, Robert Burns, Jonathan Swift and Samuel Johnson. David Hume Clarendon edition

Philosophers will be particularly interested in the inclusion in this module of the Clarendon Editition of the Works of David Hume.

Access is available both on and off campus via the OSEO link in our database listings.




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