Bonnes nouvelles – French language journals for PPLS!

You might wish to check out the Cairn.Info database, which offers online access to the full text of over 400 French language journals published in France and Belgium since 2001.

Coverage includes access to a small collection of journals in each of the PPLS subject areas – Philosophie, Psychologie et  Lettres et Linguistique! – and, for non-francophones, some English language content too.  Cairn philosophy

None of the Cairn.Info titles at present features in DiscoverEd, but steps will shortly be taken to rectify this.

The resource is currently listed in the Library databases A – Z and I will ensure that it is also added to each of the three PPLS database subject listings.

In the meantime, here’s the direct should you wish to waste no time in checking it out:



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