Research Data Management (RDM) Surgery!

We all know that Research Data Management (RDM) is one of the essential areas of responsible conduct of research don’t we!

We also know that it provides a framework that supports researchers and their data throughout the course of their research and beyond. Right?

But did you know that the University recently launched a suite of services to support Edinburgh researchers with research data management tasks?  See:

Research Data Management logo

The launch of the IS-led RDM Services is the culmination of work detailed in the RDM Roadmap which began in earnest in August 2012 following approval of the RDM Policy by the University Court in May 2011.

RDM programme staff will be in the Pop-up library space on the first floor of the  Main Library on Monday 29 September (2pm-4pm) to answer any questions you may have about our services including:

For further information please also visit:

So please pop by and pay us a visit and let us answer your Research Data Management queries.

Stuart Macdonald
RDM Service Coordinator