Finding and using China-related library resources


Are you curious about China? Do you need to find relevant resources but don’t quite now where to start? Are you looking for primary sources?

If any of these questions have popped up, please come along on Friday, 7 November, 10.00am-12.00pm to the First Floor of the Main Library for our Pop-up Library session!

Picture5We will tell you all about both Western and Chinese language materials available through the Library. We will show you how to use our different databases on China, which contain both English materials (for example, British Foreign Office Files on China, Chinese laws, etc) and Chinese sources (classics, e-books, newspapers, journal articles, etc).

Whether you are just curious about China or need some help with a specific research question: we are there to help, so please ‘pop up’ to the First Floor on Friday!

Engage: #LibraryPop