Rare Books De-mystified

If you have ever fancied using old or rare books as the basis of a project, or come upon the location “Main Library – Special Collections” in the catalogue, for something you wanted, and not known what to do next, the Library Pop-Up session on Thursday 9th October, 2 – 4pm is for you.
The library has about 400,000 rare books, ranging in date from manuscript books from the eleventh century through early printing from all parts of the world, to modern limited DSCN3413 DSCN3415

editions and books with notes and annotations by scholars and scientists.
Come and see a small selection, showing the sort of thing we have, discover how to find out about them and get access to them. There will be a few you can handle, and Beth and Fiona, our Rare Books Cataloguing Interns will be running tutorials on how to handle them properly.