Library Update for Divinity : Answering Your Questions

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Here are some of the questions Divinity staff and students have been asking me over the last few weeks, and some answers. As the Covid-19 situation can change quickly, the best place to go for the most recent updates is always our Library Covid-19 page.

Where can I find e-books to support my dissertation research?

The University of Edinburgh has access to 1.4 million e-books which are findable using DiscoverEd. Many e-books relevant to Divinity are also freely available, see my online guide as a starting point. Several publishers have made their digital content free for a temporary period during the Covid-19 crisis – see our temporary access web page. (These temporary access e-books are not listed on DiscoverEd). Participating publishers include:

  • Manchester University Press
  • JSTOR e-books
  • Project Muse

I can’t access the print books I need, can the Library get an e-book version for me?

You can request that the Library purchase a digital version of the material you are looking for. Here’s how to do this:

For individual books
Students : please use the online form at
Staff : please use the online form at
We can’t guarantee that we will be able to source and purchase a digital version of what you’re looking for – but we will do our very best. If you need it urgently please say so in the Notes field of the form – again, we’ll do our best.

For journal subscriptions and large digital collections
Staff and students : please contact me directly.

Do I need to return my inter-library loans by their original due date?

Interlibrary loans are being treated in the same way as loans from the University library collections, which have had their return dates changed on the system to 22nd June 2020.  No fines will accrue on items over this period and users will not be fined for the late return of items due to the current Library closures. Please retain your ILL items at the moment, to be returned when we are again able to provide access to our libraries.

Can I return my library books?

We’re currently not able to accept book returns as our University Libraries are closed.  We are aware that some students are returning to their home countries and wish to return their books, and we’re looking into ways that you can return your borrowed items. Please keep checking the Library Covid-19 pages for updates.

How can I use the Library to revise for my exams?

We’ve produced a new online guide to how to get the most out of the Library and other University support for revising for and taking exams.

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