Psalm singing and the Reformation

New College Library welcomes delegates to The Cultures of the Reformation: A Colloquium in Honour of Professor Jane Dawson on Thursday 1 June 2017. We have updated our current display of early psalm books and Scottish liturgy to include two new items.

The CL. Psalmes of David in meter : for the vse of the Kirk of Scotland : the contents of this buke follovve in the next page after the kalender. Imprinted at London : By Thomas Vautrollier dwelling in the Black-Friers, 1587.  tUR 77 1587

At the end of the Psalms, this 1587 edition contains other spiritual songs and prayers including Veni Creator and the Lord’s Prayer.

The Psalmes of David in prose and meeter : with their whole tunes in foure or mo parts, and some psalmes in reports : whereunto is added many godly prayers, and an exact kalendar for XXV. yeeres to come. Printed at Edinburgh : By the heires of Andrevv Hart, Anno Dom. 1635.  tUR 77 1635

This 1635 edition of the Psalms has the common tunes done in such a way that four people could sit around one book and sing four part harmony. This copy belonged to the first Librarian of New College Library, Professor David Welsh.

With thanks to Professor Jane Dawson and Dr Martin Ritchie.

Christine Love-Rodgers, Academic Support Librarian – Divinity

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