New College Library Stack 1 Closure from 14 June

 Stack I is due to be redecorated this summer, and an early warning system for flooding is also being installed in all three Stack floors. To enable these works Stack I will be closed to public access for approximately 4 weeks, starting on the 14th of June. Library staff will operate a book collection service where access allows.

Stack I is the floor immediately below the Library Hall, which contains general lending stock – Library of Congress sequence BS-Z, and the older books classified using the Union Theological Seminary scheme.  These sequences are the only books which will be affected. The Library of Congress books in the Library Hall, the periodicals and Special Collections are all unaffected.

 To avoid problems,  you could try to visit the Library before 14 June to borrow Stack I books. Postgraduate students and staff can borrow up to 40 books. Please contact the Library helpdesk if you have any queries about this closure period.

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