Masterpieces III

Coming soon – opening 5th April 2013.

Masterpieces is a series of exhibitions which showcase the treasures held by the University’s libraries, museums, archives and galleries. This is the third and final exhibition in the series, in which we want to push the definition of a ‘masterpiece’ to its limits. Focusing on the overall theme of science and medicine, we have chosen items which we feel reflect the themes of ‘science as innovation’, ‘science as art’, and ‘science as statement’.

‘Science as Art’

Euclid (c.300 BC), Elementa Geometriae, Venice 1482 and  Elements of Geometry, manuscript, 19th century

 ‘Science as Innovation’

William Hunter (1718-1783), The Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus Exhibited in Figures, London 1774

‘Science as Statement’

Case note folder from neurosurgeon Norman McOmish Dott (1897-1973), 1926-1963