Appraising digital collections…how do you do it?

Questions, questions!

Questions, questions!

We have recently recruited, as part of a wider project, an archivist to look specifically at the thorny issue of appraisal, both of non-digital and digital collections. In doing so our plan is to develop a methodology and set of criteria that can be applied to collections that require some degree of assessment. Naturally, digital material will potentially require an additional level of appraisal consideration and this will be included in the work we do over the next year. It is my intention to keep readers abreast as to what we’ve discovered during the course of that work. However, I’m interested to hear what others are doing with respect to appraising digital material. Have you tackled it? Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share? Any tips? Any guidance on strategies for approaching the issue? Any tools that you use to aid the appraisal process?

This is a subject for discussion, which I think we can all derive some benefit as up until recently its not been given much airplay. The upcoming ‘Appraisal in the Digital Era‘ one day conference in June will hopefully revive the debate. So lets be proactive and help each other tackle this!


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  1. I have experienced like this recently.
    Good insight anyway..

    Utuh Wibowo
    Konsultan Terbaik Indonesia

    Posted by Utuh Wibowo | January 29, 2017, 5:22 pm

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