Building a digital preservation programme – ARA conference 2016

ARA Conference 2016

ARA Conference 2016

Hello all. Its been a wee while since my last post so I thought I’d post about the presentation I gave at the Archives and Records Management conference in London last month. The ARA website has a nice round up of some of the sessions so have a read of those.

After a lengthy train journey from Edinburgh, delayed by a fire on an engineering vehicle on the tracks at Doncaster, I arrived in a pleasantly balmy London. Feeling a tad drained having also travelled back from ArchivematiCamp in Michigan the day before (more about that later) I literally collapsed in my hotel room, surfacing just in time for breakfast!

Fully fuelled on coffee and pastries I prepared for my presentation, entitled ‘Building a digital preservation programme: a view from the bottom’. My intention for my keen audience was to give a practitioner’s viewpoint to starting digital preservation (as my regular readers will know we are working towards getting the Archivematica solution up and running. It’s proving a little challenging to get it set up on a new operating system but hopefully I’ll share my experiences on that to you all in a later post). There is a wealth of strategic information on how to ‘theoretically’ do digital preservation, which is tremendously useful and necessary as a basis upon which to form a coherent preservation strategy, but a dearth of real life practical empirical evidence. This must change if we are to help each other. Be not afraid!

So in I came with my top 10 tips, or steps if you will, to getting on board with digital preservation and I’ve included my presentation for you to view (PDF/A 1.9mb). Here I covered everything from planning through to tools. Hopefully it was of use to some people. The response on Twitter was good although I think I stunned everyone into silence as nobody asked me a question…good or bad? But Ed Pinsent reinforced my slide about testing solutions and making the results public for us all to benefit from. This is an important point and shouldn’t just be reserved for successes but failures too!

My thanks to Hania Smerecka and Teresa Doherty for posting these photos on Twitter (hope you don’t mind me reusing them here!)

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