Interested in Archivematica?

I can hardly believe we’re almost half way through January already! The strong winds of late seem to be blowing the days away…however work at Edinburgh continues unabated.

I was fortuitous enough to be a part of a recent meeting of institutions interested in/or playing around with Archivematica, a free and open source digital preservation repository solution developed by Artefactual, in collaboration with UNESCO. It was a great opportunity for me, personally and as an enquiring professional, to hear about how others are looking at this system to address their preservation needs, what they intend to use it for, what they like and dislike about it, what its limitations are at present and how it fits with their technological infrastructure. Numerous representatives from like-minded HE institutions (Warwick, Strathclyde, York, Leeds, Hull) and others such the Tate Gallery and National Library of Wales were present to talk about their thoughts and testing experiences with Archivematica, which was invaluable to hear. The mood was very positive with most having very positive things to say about the system and appreciative of Artefactual’s flexibility and speed at which they seem to be addressing concerns. The latter part of the meeting was held, via teleconference, with Courtney Mumma from Artefactual who kindly answered our system/workflow related questions.

This was the first, of what we hope, will be many similar get-togethers and Jen Mitcham, University of York, who hosted the first meeting has written an excellent blog post summarising the day. Check this out for more detail. If there are any others out there in the DP community considering Archivematica you would be more than welcome to participate in the group, just contact Jen Mitcham for more information.

Naturally, our continued participation will largely depend on whether we choose to use this system – a decision to be taken over the coming months!


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