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DPTP: The Practice of Digital Preservation

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the new DPTP course run by the ULCC ‘The Practice of Digital Preservation’. This course is designed to follow on from their hugely popular and well respected ‘Introduction to Digital Preservation’. As an intermediate course it was perfect for me as my basic training […]


How do you preserve mobile apps?

I don’t profess to have an answer to this ¬†question entirely or definitively. I’m partly throwing this question out there to see if others have considered this or have had to provide a solution. I was asked this exact question last week by a former colleague whose archive is about to accept an app produced […]

Conserving condoms (or how to look after modern material)

Last week I was asked to deliver a workshop session for the Lothian Health Services Archive symposium entitled, Conserving Condoms: Modern Materials in Medical Archives, on digital preservation. It was Friday afternoon, everyone had had a great day listening to interesting talks, some with brilliant titles such as ‘Heritage Smells‘, and then the delegates settled […]

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