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Scots language in an English accent…

Slightly off topic here but I, and other library staff, participated in one of our popular Library Pop Ups yesterday.

The School of Scottish Archives were encouraging staff, students, library visitors to recite old scottish phrases (or your own) into a microphone, which was recorded as a digital object and emailed to the speaker! It was all part of our outreach programme to bring people closer to the collections, and to generally have a bit of fun, which is what its all about.

My chosen saying, picked largely because it relates to Fife (my childhood home), was:

“As coorse as Cupar harns”

“As coorse as Cupar harns”

Meaning ‘a very rude person’. ‘Harns’ are corn husks, which are coarse and rough to the touch, and Cupar had a corn exchange in the 19th century, set up by 8 local people , hence the connections.

Anyway, if you fancy a giggle and want to hear me talk Scots in an English accent, listen to me here.

I also supply the translation into English and the meaning.

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