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Having trouble following the blog on Google Chrome?

A kind person informed me that Google Chrome is a little be funny with RSS feeds, and so after a little digging here and with the help of our lovely IT bods at Edinburgh Uni, I’ve been informed of a fix… Google provides an extension you can install in Chrome to allow rss subscription. If […]

Record scots phrases

Scots language in an English accent…

Slightly off topic here but I, and other library staff, participated in one of our popular Library Pop Ups yesterday. The School of Scottish Archives were encouraging staff, students, library visitors to recite old scottish phrases (or your own) into a microphone, which was recorded as a digital object and emailed to the speaker! It […]

DASISH workshop 17th October 2014

DASISH workshop – Trust and Certification (Day 2)

“The coolest thing to be done with your data will be thought of by someone else” Ingrid Dillo An earlier start today for the second and last day of the workshop. After morning coffee and a biscuit we settled down to hear all about the NESTOR Seal from Christian Keitel of the Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemberg and […]

Sprinkles on toast

DASISH workshop – Trust and Certification (Day 1)

Last week I was in The Hague (as you do!) and was introduced to many new things…lots of cyclists, sprinkles on toast and of course Trust and Certification, the reason I was there! So going to a workshop on trusted accreditation before we’ve developed a digital preservation repository may seem like we’re putting the cart […]


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