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Resource Lists: Semester 1 Deadline 9th July

The deadline for sending your reading lists to the Library is fast approaching. Course organisers and tutors, send us your lists using the online form by end of Monday 9th July.

As well as converting your current reading list to an online Resource List using Leganto, we’ll check all current library holdings, process any new or additional purchases, provide e-reserve scans and move items to HUB/Reserve.

The ISG website also has details on how the Library is using Resource Lists to manage the provision of key reading materials.

Building your own resource list?

If you’re building your own lists for 2018/19, remember to use ‘Send List’ to send the list to the Library for review by 23rd July. There is a 10 step guide to using Resource Lists to help you get started.

If you’ve not used Resource Lists (Leganto) before or would like a refresher there is one final Resource Lists workshop on Wednesday 11th  July 2-4pm Book via MyEd

If you would like to arrange a school or subject based information session or workshop, please contact 

Semester 2 lists

Deadlines for Semester 2 will be circulated in October. However, if you have a semester 2 list ready, we are happy to start working on it sooner rate than later.

Resource Lists workshops


Library Learning Services is running a series of resource lists workshops throughout June and July . All workshops will be held in Room EW 10, Argyle House.

Book via MyEd for the following dates:

6 June (1400-1600)

14 June (1000-1200)

18 June (1400-1600)

21 June (1000-1200)

3 July (1000-1200)

11 July (1400-1600)

If the dates don’t suit and you’d like to arrange a school-based workshop, demo, Q&A or 1-2-1, please get in touch with

Alternatively, have a look at the workshop presentation and Ten step guide to getting started with Resource Lists or find out more about the Resource List service on the IS webiste.


Semester 2: Resource Lists deadlines

We now have 1200 published Resource Lists for the start of Semester 1 2017/8 and are already working on Semester 2 Resource Lists.

If you would like the Library to build your Semester 2 Resource List, please send your annotated list with a completed coversheet to by Tuesday 17th October. (If you have a Semester 2 list ready, please send it now and we’ll start working on it before the deadline).

You can download the coversheet here:

Alternatively, if you’re creating your Semester 2 Resource List yourself, please publish and use ‘Send to library’ to request a review by Monday 30th October.

Remember to prioritise items on your list using the ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Further reading’ tags, and to request e-reserve scans, use the ‘Digitisation’ tag and ‘Library discussion’ to provide page numbers or chapter details of pages you’d like scanned.

We’re also running some bookable training sessions throughout October:

16th Oct 2017 (10:00-12:00)

19th Oct 2017 (14:00-16:00)

24th Oct 2017 (10:00-12:00)

Please contact if you have any questions about Resource Lists or would like to arrange an alternative training session.

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services

Resource Lists: troubleshooting

It’s the start of semester and all Semester 1 lists are published – we’re now working on Semester 2 lists. However, we’re hearing that some students are having issues accessing their lists via Learn. While we do some investigating, there are workarounds in place.

If  you’re having problems accessing their Resource Lists, and see an ‘illegal institution’ error message, there’s a few things you can try:

  1. If you’re going through LEARN, don’t use Internet Explorer! Use Chrome or Firefox;
  2. If you’re going through LEARN and using Safari, you may need to change your browser settings to ‘accept cookies’;
  3. If you’re still having problems, you can log in through the homepage ( ). You need to make sure and sign in to have full text access to resources (go to ‘Guest’ top right of screen to log in).
  4. If you’re still unable to access Resource Lists, we can check your  Library account is set up correctly – if this is the case, drop us a line (  ) with your details and we’ll investigate.

There’s a  student guide and further information on the Information Services webpages:

Please keep an eye  on the Resource List blog (  ) and/or follow us on Twitter @ResourceListsEd for regular updates.

Resource List: Permalinks

You can generate a permalink for your Resource List which you can then add to a web page or document.

Don’t copy the link in the browser address bar.

Instead, go to the ‘Reading Lists’ option menu (…) at the top of your list and select ‘Permalink’ from the drop down menu. You have the option to create a permalink to your list here.

Any permalink you use should have “SAML” at the end. Eg 



Resource Lists- remember to sign in!

If you’re using Resource Lists via the Find lists homepage: and you’re having problems accessing resources on a Resource List, check if you’re logged in.

If you see ‘Guest’ in the top right of the screen you’re not logged in!

Not Logged in, ‘Guest user’

If you’re a ‘Guest’ you can still see the list but you won’t be able to click through for full text access.

Click on ‘Guest’ and use your EASE details to sign in. When you see your name, you can start using Resource Lists and should be able to access all the resources on your list.

Logged in

Editing a list: How to move and delete citations and sections

This short guide will show you how to edit, move, and delete your citations and/or sections within your list.

How to edit your citations

In this video we are going to show you how to edit your citations in two ways:

  1. By clicking on the menu (the “…” icon on the right of the citation) and choosing the “edit item” option. You can add additional information about the item record in the pop-up.
  2. Clicking on the citation displays the full item record, which you can easily edit to add notes for students or a note for the library.

How to move your citations

Moving your citations around is easily done with just dragging and dropping them.

Useful tip: if you experience problems, refreshing the page may help.



How to delete your citations

You can delete your item by choosing the “delete item” option from the citation menu (clicking

on the “…” icon on the right of the citation).

Useful tip: If you would like to delete the item from the section, but you might want to use it again some time later, save it to your “My Collection” and you can easily find it again when needed.

How to edit your sections

Click on the menu (the “…” icon on the right of the section’s title), and then choose the “edit section” option.

Don’t forget to hit “Save” after changing something on your list.

How to move your sections

This video will demonstrate how to move your sections within the list.


Useful tip: if you are having problems with dragging and dropping the sections, refresh the list, or the whole page.

How to copy sections

You can copy sections within the same list, or you can even copy sections into as many other lists as you wish. The video below will show you how.

How to delete your sections

The way you delete a section is very similar to deleting an item. Click on the menu (“…”) on the right of the section’s title, and then choose the “delete section” option. NB if you delete a section or a list, you can’t recover it, so be careful!

If you have any comments or queries about Resource Lists, please get in touch with Library Learning Services at

Send the Library your Leganto Resource Lists by 24th July

A wee reminder that if you’re building your Resource list using Leganto and you’d like the Library to order books, provide scans of chapters of move books to reserve collections, please send the list to the library for review by Monday 24th July.

Sending your list to the Library for review
When you’ve completed your list in Leganto, click on the three dots (reading list options) at the top of your list and select send to library.

Getting started guide
You’ll find more help on using Leganto in the Getting started guide.

Semester 2 deadlines
24th July is the deadline for Semester 1 courses. We’ll issue new deadlines for Semester two in September- so plenty of time to think about using Leganto for Semester 2 courses.

If you’d like the Library to build your Semester 1 course Resource List and you’ve missed the deadline, we’ll still do our best to have the list ready in time for the start of teaching. Send the annotated reading list, with a coversheet to

More information
Library creates Resource List
Academic creates Resource List

Angela Laurins
Library Learning Services

Leganto is now live!

Drum roll please……………

The new reading list system, Leganto is now live!

Staff and students can view the new homepage at the current Resource Lists address:

To access resources on lists or to start building/editing/following lists, sign in by clicking on ‘Guest’ (top right) and use your EASE username and password.

Existing Talis Aspire lists

If you can’t see your old Talis list on Leganto yet, don’t worry, we’ll be checking all migrated 2016/17 lists and publishing them soon. We’ll be in touch with Course Organisers individually to let you know when your lists are available on Leganto.

Access Resource Lists via Learn

Course organisers, you can add  Resource Lists (Leganto) to your course on Learn. Once this is done, you will be able to click through and start using the system to build your resource lists for 2017/18 and your list will be associated automatically with the course in Learn. Once lists are published, students will be able to access them via their courses in Learn.

Getting started guides

There are guides for academics staff and students to help you get started with Leganto on the Information Services website.

Bookable workshops

We’re also running a series of workshops in June for course organisers which are bookable via MyEd:

14 June (14:00-16:00)

16 June (10:00-12:00)

20 June (10:00-12:00)

21 June (14:00-16:00)

26 June (14:00-16:00)

Resource List deadlines

A reminder too that you can send your reading lists to the Library and we’ll build your Resource List for you. Please send us your lists by 10th July. If you build your own lists, please send them to the Library to review by 24th July.

More information on Resource Lists deadlines

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a training session, please contact:

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager

Access to Talis Aspire resource lists 12th June- 12th July 2017

From Monday 12th June the Resource Lists web address will take you to the new reading list system, Leganto and not to Talis Aspire.

Between 12th June-12th July, you can still access your Talis Aspire resource lists using this web address:

Please note: access to Talis Aspire will end on 12th July 2017.

You will be able to access the new reading list system, Leganto from Monday 12th June.

All 2016/17 Talis Aspire resource lists have been copied to Leganto, so there’s no need to create new versions of existing lists.  If you can’t see your existing list on Leganto, don’t worry, we’ll be checking and publishing it soon. We’ll be in touch with Course Organisers individually to let you know when your lists are available on Leganto.

A reminder, if you would like to keep your collection of bookmarks or the notes and reading intentions you’ve made against a resource list, please follow the guidance in these blog posts before 12th July:

Copy your bookmarks:

Save your notes:

If you have any questions about Resource Lists please email:

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager