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Resource Lists – new look

The Resource Lists (Leganto) interface has a had a makeover in time for the start of the new academic year.

The list menu (…) where you ‘ll find the option to publish, export and view the list as a student has moved from the left to the top right of the screen:


The font and colour have also changed and the links on the left have been replaced by icons.



Resource Lists: new list view

New List view

We’ve changed the default view of Resource Lists so when you go to a Resource List you’ll see the section headings listed instead of all the citations.

We think this will make it easier for students to find the relevant readings for their week or topic of study and, as there are fewer citations in a section, it will load quicker than a full list.

Toggle to expand or collapse your Resource List

You may have noticed this toggle icon at the top of your Resource List .

This icon allows you to collapse and expand your Resource List and toggle between two views:

  1. Sections headings (‘collapsed’ view)
  2. Full list view

The collapsed view looks like this:

The ‘collapsed’ list view displays section headings and shows the number of citations in each section. To view the items in the section click on the heading. Click on the heading again to close the section.

To expand the list and see all the citations on the list click on the toggle icon .

Student help

There is a short video and guide for students highlighting some key features which will help them use their Resource Lists. Students can find the guide and video under the ‘Useful Links’ on their Resource Lists.

Resource Lists Framework

The Resource Lists Framework states that Resource Lists are the preferred route to manage library materials for teaching, summarises the service you can expect from the Library and outlines good practice.

The Resource List Framework has been developed by Library & University Collections in consultation with, and is supported by, Learning and Teaching Committee, Library Committee and the Vice Presidents of Education and Activities & Services from the Students’ Association.

Key features of the Framework:

  • States that Resource Lists are the preferred route to request Library resources for teaching;
  • Communicates key information to staff on use of the Resource Lists service;
  • Includes definitions of the priorities used for Resource List readings, ‘Essential, ‘Recommended’, and ‘Further reading’.
  • Encourages Course Organisers to make use of digital formats, when possible;
  • Sets out roles and responsibilities for Course Organisers and the Library.

Read the Resource Lists Framework in full

Suggested good practice

The Framework encourages Course Organisers to consider how students will access key materials and manage their course reading. Working in consultation with the Vice Presidents of Education and Activities & Services from the Students’ Association, seven principles of good practice have been suggested and are described in the Framework.

‘Resource Lists are most useful to students if they are…’

  1. Easy to access
  2. Clearly laid out
  3. Prioritised and annotated
  4. Up to date
  5. Realistic
  6. Collaborative
  7. Made available to the Library in good time.

Feedback and review

The Library will review the Resource Lists Framework and service in consultation with Course Organisers and Edinburgh University Students’ Association and update as required.

If you would like to comment or provide feedback on the Framework, please contact

Rollover 2019

What is rollover?

Each year, in June, the Library makes copies of the current year’s Resource Lists for use in the new academic year.

When is it happening?

The Library will rollover Resource Lists w/b 10th June. We’ll aim to compete rollover on Monday 10th June.  An email will be circulated to the list when rollover is complete.

Vet lists will be rolled over at a later date (TBC).

What do Course Organisers need to do?

  1. Don’t edit your Resource List between Sunday 9th -Monday 10th June while the rollover is underway.
  2. Don’t start editing your 2018/19 list for use in 2019/20 – if you’re keen to get started on a new list for next year, read on and follow the guidance below.

What will happen when lists are rolled over?

If your course is running in 2019/20, then we will make a copy of your current Resource List and create a new version of the list for use next year (2019/20). Please note: draft Resource Lists won’t rollover unless they are linked to a course code. 

After rollover, the current 2018/19 version will become READ ONLY. If you are listed on EUCLID as the course organiser, you will be able to edit the 2019/20 list once rollover is complete.

Editing Resource Lists for next year

Any changes for next year should be made to the new 2019/20 version of your list which will be available w/b 10th June.

If you would like to start editing an existing list for use next year before 10th June please make a copy and edit the new version. You can link the list to the 2019/20 course code and publish the list after rollover is complete (you will also have to delete the rolled over list).

How to Duplicate a Resource List

Brand new lists for 2019/20

You can work on brand new lists now but wait to publish them until after rollover is complete and the 19/20 course codes are available.

Course codes

Course codes are displayed on ‘My Lists’ under the Resource List title (see red box below) and at the top of a Resource List. The course code contains the year. Check the code to make sure your editing the correct version of a list.

Student access

After rollover, students will be able to access previous years’ lists either via the corresponding year’s course in Learn or via  (after 18th August, they must select ‘ALL’ or ‘Inactive’ to find non-current years’ lists).

Please don’t unpublish your 2018/19 lists. We’ve had a strong steer from Library Committees that lists should remain accessible to students in line with the retention of courses on Learn.

2017/18 lists

If you’ve got Resource Lists for courses that ran in 2017/18, which are running again in 2019/20 (but didn’t run in 2018/19), these will be rolled over and linked up to the 2019/20 course code.

Lists for courses not running in 2019/20

Similarly, if you have Resource Lists for any courses which won’t be running in 2019/20, but will be running the following academic year, please be assured that your lists will be kept and rolled over for 2020/21.

Active and inactive courses

At rollover, all the new 2019/20 courses will be loaded with default start and end dates. For the period between 10th June and 18th August, there will be two active versions of each course: the 2018/19 and the 2019/20 version.

After 18th August, the 2019/20 courses will remain ‘active’ and the 2018/19 courses will change to ‘inactive’. From this date, students must select ‘All’ or ‘Inactive’ to find non-current years’ Resource Lists.


Contact if you would like any help or have any questions.

Quick Resource Lists checklist for Semester 2

The Library is on working on Semester 2 Resource Lists and we hope to have all lists completed before the festive break. There are now approximately 1800 resource lists published for courses offered in 2018/2019.

Semester 2 Checklist

Course Organisers, in order to make sure your resource list and the library resources on the list are available to students in Semester 2, can you take a few minutes to check the following:

1.If you have been editing your list and would like the Library to purchase any new or additional books or ebooks or provide any copyright compliant scans, please remember to use the ‘Send List’ button at the top of your list. If you don’t send your list, we won’t take any action. Please note, if you’ve not made any changes to your Semester 2 list or don’t want the Library to take action, you don’t need to send your list.

2. If you have recently taken over teaching a course – please check if there is already a resource list available and published. You can do this by going to and searching by course code or title or by contacting us: 

Course administrators, if you are aware of any changes to courses or Course Organisers, please let us know.

3. Finally, please make sure you enable the link your list on your Learn course– this is how we expect students to access their Resource Lists. There is a ‘Resource List’ link on the menu in Learn, this is not visible to students unless you make it visible.

You can use ‘student preview’ mode to check you’ve enabled the link to your resource list, you’ll be able to follow the link in the menu and see the Resource List link and icon in the content area.

NB you won’t be able to link through to the resource list in student preview mode (this is expected behaviour) but as long as you can see the link, it should be working.

There is guidance on linking from Learn to your Resource List on the Library website here:

If you have any questions or need any help preparing your resource list for Semester 2, please contact

Semester 2 deadlines announced

22nd October 2018 

29th October 2018

We will still build new lists and review lists beyond these dates, but may not be able to guarantee that new purchases will arrive or scans will be ready in time for the start of semester 2 teaching.

Course organisers, If you would like the Library to provide a Semester 2 Resource List, please send us your annotated list using the online form by Monday 22nd October.

Alternatively, if you’re working on your Semester 2 Resource List yourself, please publish and use the ‘Send List’ button  to request a review by Monday 29th October. Remember to prioritise items on your list using the ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Further reading’ tags. To request e-reserve scans, use the ‘Digitisation’ tag and ‘Library discussion’ to provide page numbers or chapter details of pages you’d like scanned.

We’re also running some bookable workshops throughout October. These sessions rarely last the full two hours and are an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of Leganto and ask us any questions you have about Resource Lists and/or Leganto.

9th October 10-12pm:

15th October 2-4pm:

18th October 10-12pm:

24th Oct 2018 (14:00-16:00):  

You’ll find more information on using the Resource List service on the Information Services website:  and regular updates on the Resource Lists blog: http://libraryblogs/resourcelists

Please contact if you have any questions about Resource Lists or would like to arrange a school-based information session or workshop.

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services

Resource Lists: Semester 1 Deadline 9th July

The deadline for sending your reading lists to the Library is fast approaching. Course organisers and tutors, send us your lists using the online form by end of Monday 9th July.

As well as converting your current reading list to an online Resource List using Leganto, we’ll check all current library holdings, process any new or additional purchases, provide e-reserve scans and move items to HUB/Reserve.

The ISG website also has details on how the Library is using Resource Lists to manage the provision of key reading materials.

Building your own resource list?

If you’re building your own lists for 2018/19, remember to use ‘Send List’ to send the list to the Library for review by 23rd July. There is a 10 step guide to using Resource Lists to help you get started.

If you’ve not used Resource Lists (Leganto) before or would like a refresher there is one final Resource Lists workshop on Wednesday 11th  July 2-4pm Book via MyEd

If you would like to arrange a school or subject based information session or workshop, please contact 

Semester 2 lists

Deadlines for Semester 2 will be circulated in October. However, if you have a semester 2 list ready, we are happy to start working on it sooner rate than later.

Resource Lists workshops


Library Learning Services is running a series of resource lists workshops throughout June and July . All workshops will be held in Room EW 10, Argyle House.

Book via MyEd for the following dates:

6 June (1400-1600)

14 June (1000-1200)

18 June (1400-1600)

21 June (1000-1200)

3 July (1000-1200)

11 July (1400-1600)

If the dates don’t suit and you’d like to arrange a school-based workshop, demo, Q&A or 1-2-1, please get in touch with

Alternatively, have a look at the workshop presentation and Ten step guide to getting started with Resource Lists or find out more about the Resource List service on the IS webiste.


Semester 2: Resource Lists deadlines

We now have 1200 published Resource Lists for the start of Semester 1 2017/8 and are already working on Semester 2 Resource Lists.

If you would like the Library to build your Semester 2 Resource List, please send your annotated list with a completed coversheet to by Tuesday 17th October. (If you have a Semester 2 list ready, please send it now and we’ll start working on it before the deadline).

You can download the coversheet here:

Alternatively, if you’re creating your Semester 2 Resource List yourself, please publish and use ‘Send to library’ to request a review by Monday 30th October.

Remember to prioritise items on your list using the ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Further reading’ tags, and to request e-reserve scans, use the ‘Digitisation’ tag and ‘Library discussion’ to provide page numbers or chapter details of pages you’d like scanned.

We’re also running some bookable training sessions throughout October:

16th Oct 2017 (10:00-12:00)

19th Oct 2017 (14:00-16:00)

24th Oct 2017 (10:00-12:00)

Please contact if you have any questions about Resource Lists or would like to arrange an alternative training session.

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services

Resource Lists: troubleshooting

It’s the start of semester and all Semester 1 lists are published – we’re now working on Semester 2 lists. However, we’re hearing that some students are having issues accessing their lists via Learn. While we do some investigating, there are workarounds in place.

If  you’re having problems accessing their Resource Lists, and see an ‘illegal institution’ error message, there’s a few things you can try:

  1. If you’re going through LEARN, don’t use Internet Explorer! Use Chrome or Firefox;
  2. If you’re going through LEARN and using Safari, you may need to change your browser settings to ‘accept cookies’;
  3. If you’re still having problems, you can log in through the homepage ( ). You need to make sure and sign in to have full text access to resources (go to ‘Guest’ top right of screen to log in).
  4. If you’re still unable to access Resource Lists, we can check your  Library account is set up correctly – if this is the case, drop us a line (  ) with your details and we’ll investigate.

There’s a  student guide and further information on the Information Services webpages:

Please keep an eye  on the Resource List blog (  ) and/or follow us on Twitter @ResourceListsEd for regular updates.