How to find a book in DiscoverEd

If searching for a known item e.g. book, journal article, etc., use a combination of title and author keywords.

–> Search DiscoverEd

For example, if you were looking for this book:

Carter, S., Kelly, F. and Brailsford, I. (2012) Structuring your research thesis. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan.

You could do a search using the keywords “carter”, “structuring” and “research”. DiscoverEd will look for items that include all the keywords in the item record.

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You could add more keywords into the search, such as the other author names or the word “thesis” from the title. Or you could use the Advanced Search option to perform your search. Continue reading

Updating your links

Do you have links in your VLE courses that point to Library Catalogue records or records in Searcher? Have you put URLs for the Catalogue or Searcher into your course handbooks or handouts? Or do you have links to the Catalogue or Searcher on your course or school website?

If so, when DiscoverEd goes live in summer 2015 you will have to update these links as unfortunately they will no longer work.

Each individual record in DiscoverEd has its own permalink which you can find in the Actions drop-down menu, which makes linking to records in DiscoverEd quick and easy to do.

More details on this will be made available prior to the launch of DiscoverEd.

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