Specific searching and refining results

DiscoverEd is searching a huge range of resources, so when you perform a search you will normally expect to get a large number of search results.

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This is great as it can help you discover books, articles, reviews, etc., that you did not know existed on your topic and open up your research.

However, if you are unable to quickly find what you are looking for in the search results and need to refine these or if you want to do a more specific search so that you get less search results in the first place there are options available to you in DiscoverEd to do this.

Face the facets and refine your results

The options on the left-hand side of your search results, called facets, enable you to refine your search results. Using these facets you can choose to look at just material available as full text online or physical (print) items. And you can refine your search to just look at specific resource types e.g. books, articles, dissertations, etc., by date range, by library site, by author, by subject and more.


For more information on this: Facing the facets in DiscoverEd

Finding an exact title

If you are looking for a specific book or journal article and are sure of the exact title, then an alternative way of searching is to put the title in quotation marks in order to search as a phrase. This will usually reduce the number of search results significantly.


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search option in DiscoverEd allows you to be more controlled in your searching.

Click on the Advanced Search link next to the DiscoverEd search box to access the Advanced Search options.

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In Advanced Search you can choose to search for items where your words only appear in certain fields in the item record including in the title, author/creator, ISBN, series and shelfmark. This can be helpful if the basic keyword search is bringing back too many results for your particular search terms.

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You can also limit by date, language and material type in the Advanced Search.

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Remember that once you have performed your search using Advanced Search you can still use the left-hand menu options (facets) to refine your search further if required. Using the Advanced Search option should greatly reduce the number or search results.

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