Facing the facets in DiscoverEd

The options on the left-hand menu next to your search results in DiscoverEd are called facets and these allow you to refine (or expand) your results.

–> Search DiscoverEd

The facets provide you with a number of ways of refining your search results to reduce the number. However, the first option you are given actually allows you to expand your search results to include items that are not within the Library’s collections. Just tick the box to expand your results, though this will mean you will find items that the Library does not have access to.


Show Only

The Show only options allow you to choose to show only certain types of items in your results list. You can choose either just to see items from Peer-reviewed Journals, only items that the Library has Full Text access to or only Physical items i.e. print items held in the Library’s collections.

IFThe Available in the Library option allows you to see items that are available on the shelf at that time i.e. are not on loan. This will include books, journals, DVDs, CDs, music scores and more. If an item is on loan (checked out) it will not appear under Available in the Library. Some e-books and e-journals may appear if both the print and e-copy are held by the Library.

Refine My Results

Scrolling down the facets you will see you have a number of options available to refine your search results e.g. Resource Type, Library site, Publication Date, Subject, Journal Title, Author/Creator, etc.

IFWhat facets appear will depend on your search results. For example, if the search you have performed has found no physical (print) items within the search results or has only found physical items at one library site then this option will not appear.

The order the facets appear under their headings is also dependant on your search results. The top 5 facets are shown and to see all you must click on the More options link.

Clicking on a facet updates your search results list and you’ll notice at the top of your search results list it now says Refined by and lists the facet you have clicked. You can click on multiple facets to refine your search results.


To remove a facet you just click on the X next to that facet at the top of your search results list.

These DiscoverEd FAQs detail just some of the ways you may want to use the facets:

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Want more help using DiscoverEd? Try our FAQs.

Or contact the Helpline (IS.Helpline@ed.ac.uk).




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