e-Shelf: Saving your search results

The e-Shelf is an area where you can save search results so you can refer back to them later.

–> Access DiscoverEd

You must be signed into DiscoverEd to save results. Although the e-Shelf option is available when not signed in the items will not be saved.

FAQ: How do I access my Library Account (sign in)?

There are three different ways of saving search results to your e-Shelf:

  • Click on the small star icon next to the reference you wish to save. The icon will turn golden in colour to indicate the item is saved.
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  • Or in the Actions menu choose Add to e-Shelf. The Actions menu appears in the Find it in Library, View Online, Details, etc., links for each search result.
  • Or you can add all references on the page to the e-shelf by clicking on Add page to e-Shelf on left-hand menu.

Click on the e-Shelf link at top right-hand side to access your saved items.


You must be signed-in to DiscoverEd for these items to be saved permanently. If you do not sign in the items will only be temporarily saved for that session.

The e-Shelf allows you to create folders to better manage your saved references and there are options for emailing, printing and exporting your references to reference management tools e.g. EndNote.

Want more help using DiscoverEd? Try our FAQs.

Or contact the Helpline (IS.Helpline@ed.ac.uk).