Finding journal articles on DiscoverEd

If searching for a known item in DiscoverEd e.g. journal article, book, etc., use a combination of title and author keywords.

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When searching for a journal article use keywords from the article title not the journal title.

For example, if you were looking for this journal article:

Beyes, T. (2010) ‘Uncontained: The art and politics of reconfiguring urban space’, Culture and Organization, 16 (3), pp. 229-246.

You could do a search using the author’s name, Beyes, and keywords from the article title e.g. “uncontained”, “art” and “politics”. DiscoverEd will look for items that include all the keywords in the item record.


You could add more keywords into the search, such as other keywords from the article title e.g. “reconfiguring”, “urban”, etc. Or you could use the Advanced Search option to perform your search.

Alternatively, you can search for the journal title, Culture and Organization, and if the Library has the e-journal or physical (print) copy then you can use the reference to find the relevant year, volume, issue, etc., and access the journal article.

FAQ: How do I find a journal?

Your search results

If there is a View Online link the Library should have access to the article online. Click on this to see the sites the article is available through and what years are available for the journal through each site.


The Find it in Library link will check to see if the Library holds the physical (print) copy of the journal. If the Library does hold the journal it will provide you with location, shelfmark and volumes/years available. If the Library does not hold the journal you will get a message telling you “Your search did not match any physical resource in the library…”

The Times Cited link will only appear if the reference has been pulled from Web of Science (WoS) or Scopus. This lets you see other articles that have cited the article you are looking at.


If you notice the tab View all versions this means the article has been found via more than one database or collection. You can click on the View all versions tab to see all references.


Can’t find the article that you need?

Some of the online resources the Library subscribes to are not in DiscoverEd e.g. LexisLibrary, Westlaw, HeinOnline, EBSCO databases, etc.

The Databases pages will allow you to access these and other databases directly. If you know the name of the database you are looking for go to the Databases A-Z list. If you are not sure go to Databases by Subjects and find the databases recommended for your subject area.

There will be times you will find references for items that the Library does not hold in its collections, either physically (print) or online. When this happens there are other options available to you via Library Resources Plus.

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