From Voyager to DiscoverEd

A week ago, our last ever catalogue record was added to our Voyager Library Management System by Nina, our cataloguing team supervisor.

When we checked back, we discovered (no pun intended) that Nina was in fact the first current member of staff to create a new record in Voyager back in 1999!

Here she is adding ‘Shackleton’s Journey’, by William Grill, last Friday…

Nina cataloguing for the last time in Voyager

Nina cataloguing for the last time in Voyager

We also realised that Linda, one of our current cataloguers, completed the first catalogue record edit, and our new Director, Jeremy Upton, recorded the first purchase in Voyager.

Watch this space to see our firsts in the new system (‘DiscoverEd’) in a few weeks time!

Laura Shanahan
Head of Collections Development & Access