Preparing for DiscoverEd

DiscoverEd goes live this summer replacing both the Library Catalogue and Searcher. There are some things you may have to do or prepare for before DiscoverEd goes live or just after.


Before DiscoverEd goes live

If you have any saved references or saved searches in the Library Catalogue or Searcher you must start making plans now to ensure you don’t lose these.

What to do with your saved references in Library Catalogue

Save the stuff you saved in Searcher

Do you have links to Library Catalogue records or records in Searcher within your VLEs or course website or handbook? Do start checking this now as these links will need to be updated once DiscoverEd goes live.

Updating your links


After DiscoverEd goes live

Remember to update any links in your VLEs, course website, course handbook, etc., that point to Library Catalogue or Searcher records as these will no longer work.

Updating your links

There will be a period of time after DiscoverEd goes live that you will still be able to access Searcher. Links to the service will be removed but if you have the Searcher URL bookmarked you can still access the site. If you have not exported your saved references from Searcher by the time DiscoverEd goes live you will still have some time to do this.

Save the stuff you saved in Searcher

Please note that although you will still be able to access Searcher after DiscoverEd goes live, the site will be degraded, will have no further updates made to it and will be unsupported.

Once DiscoverEd goes live you will have no access to the Library Catalogue. You must ensure you have exported any of your saved references before DiscoverEd goes live, otherwise you will lose those references.

What to do with  your saved references in Library Catalogue

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