Save the stuff you saved in Searcher

Have you been saving your search results in Searcher? If so you will need to look at exporting the references you wish to keep before the University loses access to the Searcher service this summer.

In Searcher you can create a personal account and then add individual or groups of search results to a folder. This is a way of saving your references within Searcher so you can go back to them at a later date if required. The functionality also allows you to create sub-folders so you can organise your references better.

Start making plans now

As Searcher is being replaced by DiscoverEd  this summer you will need to start making plans for exporting those references that you need from Searcher to ensure you don’t lose them.

You can export your references from Searcher into a reference management software of your choice e.g. Endnote Web, Endnote (desktop), Reference Manager, Mendeley, etc., by choosing the Export option.


DiscoverEd has similar functionality to Searcher in that you can save your search results in your e-shelf. And like Searcher you can create folders within this to allow you to better organise your references and you can export these references into a reference management software of your choice.

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Once DiscoverEd launches in the summer there will be a short period where Searcher is still available to access, so you won’t lose access as soon as DiscoverEd goes live. However, you should begin planning now what references you need to keep and where you want to export them to.

We will be emailing all users who currently have references saved in personal folders in Searcher regarding this but if you already know that you have references saved, start planning to export them now.

Need help exporting the references? Please contact in the first instance.

Please note you can also print, email and save references from within Searcher.

Do you have saved searches in Searcher?

If so, you should take a note of these searches as soon as possible. Once DiscoverEd goes live you can perform your search or searches again in DiscoverEd. DiscoverEd then allows you to “save queries” when you are logged into the site, so you can save your searches again.

If you have any further queries please contact


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