The Library’s earliest catalogue

When DiscoverEd launches in the summer, it will be time to say goodbye to the Library Catalogue –

The current University of Edinburgh’s Library Catalogue has been in use for 16 years which is pretty old for a library catalogue and this got us thinking about what the catalogue was like in the early days of the Library.

Fortunately for us the Library’s Iconic Items site has given us a glimpse of the earliest Library Catalogue for the University Library.


Earliest Library Catalogue (17th century)

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Save the stuff you saved in Searcher

Have you been saving your search results in Searcher? If so you will need to look at exporting the references you wish to keep before the University loses access to the Searcher service this summer.

In Searcher you can create a personal account and then add individual or groups of search results to a folder. This is a way of saving your references within Searcher so you can go back to them at a later date if required. The functionality also allows you to create sub-folders so you can organise your references better.

Start making plans now

As Searcher is being replaced by DiscoverEd  this summer you will need to start making plans for exporting those references that you need from Searcher to ensure you don’t lose them.

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Updating your links

Do you have links in your VLE courses that point to Library Catalogue records or records in Searcher? Have you put URLs for the Catalogue or Searcher into your course handbooks or handouts? Or do you have links to the Catalogue or Searcher on your course or school website?

If so, when DiscoverEd goes live in summer 2015 you will have to update these links as unfortunately they will no longer work.

Each individual record in DiscoverEd has its own permalink which you can find in the Actions drop-down menu, which makes linking to records in DiscoverEd quick and easy to do.

More details on this will be made available prior to the launch of DiscoverEd.

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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

In the past week we have been given access to a test version of DiscoverEd and we are using this for some Usability Testing. A number of willing students, academic staff and library staff have and will be trying out some key tasks in DiscoverEd to help us gather feedback on what they like about the service and to identify any problems with the service that we can resolve before its launch in the summer.

This is a vital part of the project and we are very grateful to those staff and students who have volunteered to participate.

Do you want a sneak peak?