Weakest link? Help us make DiscoverEd strong

We are looking for your help to assist us in making decisions on some of the links to be used in item records in our new Discovery service DiscoverEd.

These are the links you will use to find out how to access a print item or online item from the Library.


For a print item the link will let you:

  • Find out what Library holds the item and, where applicable, what floor it is on
  • The shelfmark of the item
  • See if the item is available to borrow or on loan
  • Request the item if it is on loan
  • And more

For online resources (e-journals, e-books, etc.,) the link will let you:

  • Get direct access to online site
  • Give information on what years are available to you
  • Log in information
  • And more

We have some control over what these links are called and as we had such a great response to It’s all about the search box – how you can influence DiscoverEd we want to invite you to take part in a second exercise that will help us decide on the best text to use for these links.

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