Beginner’s guide to finding a book in DiscoverEd

Got a book you need to find in the Library but not sure how to search for it in DiscoverEd? This beginner’s guide should help.

If searching for a known book use a combination of title and author keywords.

–> Search DiscoverEd

For example, if you were looking for this book:

A.A.M. Duncan, Scotland: the making of the kingdom (Edinburgh, 1992).

You could do a search using the keywords “duncan”, “Scotland”, “making” and “kingdom”. DiscoverEd will look for items that include all the keywords in the item record.

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Reading your reading list and recognising references

Got your reading list but not sure what you’re being asked to read (is it a book, is it an article, is it a bird, is it a plane…)? Or are you just not sure how you’re meant to search for and find these items in the Library (in print or online)?


Being unsure about this is very common for new students so you’re not alone but if you can learn how to read your reading list and recognise references now it will make you more confident using the Library and will save you a lot of time and effort in your studies. And these skills will be of use to you at all stages of your University life and beyond.

What’s in a reading list?

Reading lists are just lists of essential, recommended or further readings for your course. They can include a wide range of material including books, book chapters, journal articles, documentaries, films, newspaper articles, websites, blogs, etc., but I am going to concentrate on the 3 most common:

  • Book
  • Book chapter
  • Journal article

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Interactive Main Library maps now available

Struggling to find your way around the Main Library? Or struggling to know where to locate a book in the Main Library once you’ve found it in DiscoverEd? The new interactive Main Library maps may be just what you need.

You can access the new maps directly at
where you can use the Find on Floor tags to locate printers, group study space, recent returns shelves, toilets, etc.


But the interactive maps are also linked to DiscoverEd, so when you search for a book or journal that is available in the Main Library and click on the Find it in Library tab, you’ll now notice a Locate link. Continue reading

New to the Library: Nineteenth Century Collections Online

Over the summer the Library was able to purchase the British Politics and Society collection, part of Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) from Gale Cengage. This is a major new resource for the Library and provides a fascinating look at this period of great change.


British Politics and Society  brings together primary source documentation, allowing a greater understanding and analysis of the development of urban centers and of the major restructuring of society that took place during the Industrial Revolution.

You can access Nineteenth Century Collections Online: British Politics and Society via the Databases A-Z. Continue reading