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New Book in LUNA Book Reader


Last month we digitised the fantastic Recueil de Desseins Ridicules, 1695 by George Focus (shelfmark SRD.1.2) for an order, but were so fascinated by the images that we thought it worthy of further investigation. However, all we have really been able to find out is that he was born in Chateaudun circa 1639/40, that he was influenced by Nicolas Poussin & Gaspard Dughet & that he spent much of his adult life insane & “Confined to small houses” where he died in 1708.

The DIU would like to thank our Volunteer, Noah Salaman, for all the work he did prepping these images to go into the book reader software. We think this book has great potential for a crowd-sourcing project to transcribe & translate the text on each of the drawings- watch this space!

The Book Reader can be viewed at

Or, you can zoom in on the full size pages at


Analogue Photoshop?

This week we started a trial – photographing some Glass Lantern Slides for the Towards Dolly Project, & one of the first images we took showed that there is nothing new under the sun…


GB 237 Coll-1434 (Box 4), Roslin Glass Slides. The Drop Scene Two Miles Up the Wanganui River, New Zealand. Photograph of a Maori girl standing on a canoe at ‘the drop scene two miles up the Wanganui River’ in New Zealand in the late 19th or early 20th century. In the background there is another canoe, jungle and mountains.

Although this slide was produced in the early 20th C, there is clear evidence of photo manipulation. Once we zoomed in on the image it became clear that the Maori Girl in her Canoe on New Zealand’s Wanganui River was in fact a fraud! Sunlight doesn’t often come from 2 directions, nor does perspective suddenly alter proportions (compare the girl’s canoe with the smaller canoe behind her). Furthermore, she has the classic ‘cut-out’ look of early photo-montages. Despite this, on the small 8cm x 8cm original, it is hard to spot at a glance- one of the unexpected bonuses of digitisation is the ability to zoom in on small details.

Click on the image below to see a larger version.0055382f


Shiny New Camera Arrives in the DIU

Last week saw the delivery of our brand new camera- the Hasselblad H5D-200MS. This camera is hot off the press with only a few in the country so far. Capable of capturing high quality files up to an astonishing 570MB, this should be fantastic for shooting exhibition images when large format printing is called for. The addition of a second copy unit will also help us to gear up towards increasing the departments output.

More information about the camera can be found at

The Centre for Research Collections has launched a competition online using DIU Images!

The Centre for Research Collections is trying to find one image from the vast and immensely diverse Collections to stand out and proudly represent it. Some of the highlights captured by the Digital Imaging Unit have been selected and a Facebook competition asking people to help find the Iconic Image of the CRC was launched!

Some of the Treasures nominated for the best and most iconic image are various books from the William Shakespeare Collection, different beautiful medieval and oriental manuscripts, musical instruments and other objects which all deserve to win. However, only the one which receives the most Likes will win the competition!

Please vote for the image you like and think best embodies the Centre and its Collections!






SCH image1

The CRC is looking forward to announcing the winner in the near future, so keep tuned for more updates and follow the Facebook page: