This is the blog for a joint project between Edinburgh University Library Special Collections and the Fergusson Gallery, Perth to catalogue, preserve and make available three significant collections relating to movement, dance, gymnastics and physical education in Scotland and beyond. The project runs until July 2020 and is funded by the Wellcome Trust’s Research Resources scheme.

The Collections

  • The archives of Margaret Morris Movement International

Margaret Morris (1891-1980) established her own system for dance training, Margaret Morris Movement, which focuses on breathing techniques, posture and strength training with co-ordinated movements. Margaret Morris Movement International works today with people with mental and physical disabilities using Morris’s systems and techniques.

  • The records of Dunfermline College of Physical Education

Dunfermline College of Physical Education (1905-1986) was one of the first training colleges for women students of physical education and had an important influence on developing the role of movement and the body in educational practice.

  • The archives of Scottish Gymnastics

Scottish Gymnastics (1890-present) was founded as a voluntary organisation representing a number of Scottish gymnastic and athletic clubs. Broadening its initial focus from military fitness to general health and wellbeing, it was significant for promoting and supporting gymnastics in Scotland and abroad.

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