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SSSA in 70 Objects: Òganaich Dhuinn a Rinn M’ Fhàgail TAGS: | Contributor: Barra Waulking Women Fieldworker: Thorkild Knudsen Reference: SA1965.109.004 Response: Louise Scollay I have a lifelong love – some might say obsession –  of textiles and craft and often this …Continue reading →

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SSSA in 70 Objects: Borders Ba’ Games TAGS: ‘They do it yet!’: The surprise of Borders ba’. Dr Emily Lyle When I was talking with an old man in Denholm about customs, I had been reading about the …Continue reading →

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SSSA in 70 Objects: The Barnyards o’ Delgaty TAGS: Contributor: Enoch Kent Fieldworker: Hamish Henderson Reference: SA1954.33.a6 Link to the song on Tobar an Dualchais: Response by: Robert Fell This Bothy ballad – rendered beautifully here by Enoch Kent in …Continue reading →

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SSSA in 70 Objects : The reflections of the windows in the stairwell of 29 George Square TAGS: Response: Louise Scollay, Archive and Library Assistant, SSSA I have always had a love affair with these windows, or moreso the scene they project on to the wall. When I …Continue reading →

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Default utility Image Art and The Playfair: Speaking to Absent Volumes, or How to Find Books in the Library, Old Style During the academic year 2019-20 Rare Books worked with a group of third year students...
Default utility Image Edinburgh Research Downloads: December 2020 Edinburgh Research Downloads: December 2020 • • • Looking at how Edinburgh Research Explorer and ERA...


Default utility Image Semply the Best: A Collection in Need of Some Love This week’s blog comes from Project Collections Assistants Anna O’Regan, Winona O’Connor and Max Chesnokov...
Default utility Image The Battle of Life: A look at the Dumfriesshire mental health survey “worried, dull and anxious, not quite up to the battle of life.” Widowed female, 45-54...


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