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Discover DiscoverEd TAGS: | | | | DiscoverEd is the Library’s new discovery service and principal search tool which you should use to find books, e-books, journals, ejournal articles, database content and other materials made available by …Continue reading →

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How to request books that are on loan in DiscoverEd TAGS: | | | | | By signing into DiscoverEd you can request items that are already on loan to other users. –> Access DiscoverEd You can only request books or other items that are on …Continue reading →

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How to renew books in DiscoverEd TAGS: | | | By signing in to DiscoverEd you can renew items that you currently have on loan. –> Access DiscoverEd To renew your books you must sign in to DiscoverEd and then …Continue reading →

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Zhouyi zhuanyi Daquan: a piece of early-Ming tradition Just in time for the Chinese New Year we can announce that our copy of...
Robert Burns Manuscripts – gie us a job! It’s the time of year for all things Robert Burns. Here in the DIU I...


Default utility Image Store Room Surprises! Project Conservator, Helen Baguley, describes some of the more unusual objects she has found in...
Default utility Image An insight into Joseph Joachim’s life and work – Sarah and Devon’s experiences as CRC interns Earlier this year, our two interns Sarah and Devon spent a few months re-housing and...


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