LUNA 7 goes live!

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images.isOur imaging platform ( has been given a keenly-awaited revamp with the upgrade to the LUNA 7 software. Those of you that are familiar with the old version may not notice much difference, as most of the changes are to the back-end of the product; for the photographers, though, it is a godsend, as the new system allows them to streamline their workflow in such a way that they can work with fewer applications, and do their own uploads to the front end with a frequency not previously possible. It should also give the front-desk staff in the CRC a way to search across all images- public and private- which is purely web-based, and thus allows multiple users to work concurrently.

The front-end has had some work done to it- largely regarding our organisation of the collections. We’ve decided that the main LUNA site should only feature images we own, for access requests as well as more meaningful search results. This means that our teaching collections, and the Charting The Nation and Ars Anatomica project outputs have moved to a separate site (, but we’ve kept our own material for these in the Maps and Anatomy collections, which will hopefully grow. We have also introduced 1760 images related to the recognised Carmichael Watson collection, and have developed “Museums”, where we’ll host Museums-related content which doesn’t belong in one of the larger museums sets (eg Fine Art, MIMEd).

Please have a play with it, and if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know, at

Thanks to Susan, Claire, Norman, and everyone who’s given us any testing or infrastructure-related help, for their efforts on this!

Scott Renton- Digital Development

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